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Polyurethane Surfaces - Sports Flooring for Gyms & Leisure Centres

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What is SSUK Pulastic Fitness?

Where is it used?



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Sports Surfaces UK lead the way in supplying and installing SSUK Pulastic Seamless Polyurethane flooring options to suit any fitness space.

What is SSUK Pulastic Fitness?

SSUK Pulastic floors come in a variety of options which are all perfect for functional fitness and group training sessions. SSUK Pulastic provides the ultimate balance of high-level comfort, durability and slip resistance, whilst also being a low maintenance option for large and small fitness venues.

All SSUK Pulastic fitness floors are available in an infinite range of vibrant colours and effects so you can create the WOW factor and give your fitness club a BOOST!

Where is SSUK Pulastic Fitness Used

SSUK Pulastic Fitness floors can support the most challenging training sessions – from busy gym areas, group sessions such as cardio and Spin, to heavy-weights areas and dance zones.

SSUK Pulastic is also a great flooring option if your facility is used for non-sport multifunctional areas of your venue like entrances, changing rooms, wellness & spa zones, physio rooms and catering/cafes. We also offer SSUK Pulastic Soundwall which decreases the level of ambient sounds for facilities where exhibitions and concerts take place.

Worldwide, more than 35 million m² of Pulastic® sports floors have been installed in over 50,000 locations. The ultimate proof of the Number 1 position of Pulastic since 1965. The Sika NL Pulastic team has distributors in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Advantages of Pulastic Floors?

International Certificates
Long Life
Elastic & Strong
Clear Line Marking
Maximum Sports Comfort
Good Balance
Vertical Ball Behaviour
Water-based Coating
No Glare
Max Load-bearing Properties
Water-resistant Coating
Easy Maintenance
Excellent Colourfastness
Soundproofing Properties
Many Colours & Effects
Easy to Clean
Easy to Repair

Our Most Popular Pulastic SSUK Fitness Systems

SSUK Pulastic ACTIVE gives ultimate support for the most challenging training sessions. This all-rounder offers high-level comfort and resistance to high impact. Don’t hold back, be ACTIVE!

Beautiful and strong, SSUK Pulastic BOOST is very suitable for group lessons. The combination of the solid wooden base with the user-friendly and wear-resistant advantages of Pulastic, results in a superb floor. Available in an infinite range of colours and effects.

For intensive use and optimal support under all conditions, SSUK Pulastic INTENSE is made to withstand high impact. Strong in simplicity, simply strong. Go INTENSE!

Our Most Popular SSUK Pulastic Fitness Systems

SSUK Pulastic SCORE is the most favourable range of fitness floors for safety, comfort and strength at the level of your choice, depending on the zone’s function. Never lose, always SCORE!

The programmable fitness floor with state-of-the-art light technology SSUK Pulastic FREESTYLES is for the most immersive workouts. Be inspired by the freedom in design and application. Let’s get FREESTYLED!

Combine any of the Pulastic fitness floors with the SSUK Pulastic SOUNDWALL and create the ultimate fitness room! Make a statement through the freedom in design and experience the optimal acoustics. Let’s hear it for our SOUNDWALL!

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SSUK - Pulastic


SSUK - Pulastic


SSUK - Pulastic


SSUK - Pulastic


SSUK - Pulastic


SSUK - Pulastic
Sound Wall


Does your fitness facility already have a Pulastic floor, but it’s in need of refurbishment? We offer a SSUK Pulastic Floor Facelift where a new layer of self-levelling polyurethane is installed over the existing surface, effectively providing a new floor at a reduced cost and down-time without the requirement for a full “strip out”.

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Low Maintenance

SUK Pulastic requires a daily ‘V’ sweep and regular wet wash with detergent – we offer approved floor cleaning machines and detergent in our online shop. Should your Pulastic Fitness surfaces get damaged, we offer a repair service – tailored to your needs. Repairs can be quickly and easily carried out in a matter of hours, minimising downtime for the use of your floor.

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