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Cleaning Advice

Multiuse, Cricket & Fitness Sports Floors

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Every sports surface requires regular maintenance and aftercare, not only to preserve aesthetics, but also its performance characteristics. To prolong the life of your SSUK sports floor, proper cleaning is recommended.

Our advice and guidence

You will need to give consideration to our cleaning advice and guidance, in addition to adopting a good cleaning regime. Without regular cleaning, over time your sports floor may deteriorate - making it unsafe for public use.

Please download and read our Cleaning advice guides here.

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Did You Know We Offer Sports Floor Health Checks?

Did you know we offer health checks for existing sports floors? Last weekend we went back to ACS International School, Hillingdon (32 years later) to give its Pulastic sports flooring an industrial mechanical deep clean.

To stop it from being slippy and looking worn, we stripped the surface of dirt, grease and old cleaning products.

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SSUK sports floors are very easy to care for and require a regular detergent wet wash – both the cleaning machine and detergent are available via our online shop. We offer a Deep Clean service to bring your floor back to its former glory.

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