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Indoor Multiuse Sports Floors

If your indoor sports floor needs to accommodate everyone from playing children to top-class athletes, our multi-purpose sports surface options – such as our popular SSUK Pulastic – offers the perfect balance between shock absorption, slip resistance, bounce and aesthetics, while also being low maintenance and easy to clean.

The team at Sports Surfaces UK are focused on the needs of both the user and facility owner, so we work closely with you to provide the best multiuse sports floors which are vibrant and attractive, safe and durable, easy to care for and of a world-class standard. We have over 35 years’ experience working with schools, leisure centres, athletics clubs to find the right fit for their sports requirements.

Pulastic Polyurethane

For multiuse sports floors we recommend SSUK Pulastic which provides a seamless finish and durability in a variety of vibrant colour options, plus shock absorption, traction and bounce qualities – perfect if your facility is used for multiple sporting activities.

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Fitness class using Indoor Vinyl sports flooring by Sports Surfaces UK

Gerflor Sheet Sport Vinyl

Gerflor’s Taraflex® sheet vinyl sports flooring offers the perfect sporting solution for multifunctional activities – from low impact through to performance sports. Available in a variety of colours, it offers protection, safety and is a long-lasting option for multi-purpose sports flooring.

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Uni-Turf floor for indoor Leisure Centre and school Sports halls

Uni-Turf Embossed PVC Vinyl

Uni-Turf is a multifunctional, high-quality sports surface that is excellent for indoor cricket, tennis, badminton and athletics. This embossed vinyl sheet material has a world-renowned reputation and is supplied at indoor Cricket Schools, such as Lords and The Oval.

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Other types of Indoor Sports Floors available

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Indoor fitness and gym studio sports flooring

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