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SSUK Engineered Timber Sports Flooring

Multiuse, Cricket & Fitness Sports Floors

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What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

Where is it used?



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Sports Surfaces UK supply and install a range of premium engineered timber sports floor systems such as the SSUK Polysport Range P68, P66 and Duplex VS 41/43. Timber sports floors are typically used for dance floors and studios (such as yoga) and multiuse sports halls.

What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

SSUK offers a range of engineered timber systems with undercarriages to meet different floor height requirements for your venue. The SSUK Polysport P68 is a 5.1mm thick, solid engineered timber, over swing beans and counter beams (wood horizontal with vertical wood across), whilst our SSUK P66 is the same product but offers different height options. The SSUK Polysport Duplex VS41 and VS43 systems have a composite foam layer, followed by Visqueen tongue and groove board with either 3.5mm or 5.1mm engineered timber planks on top. We also offer timber skirting for all systems to cover and finish off any expansion gaps left around the edge of your new floor.

Where is Engineered Timber Flooring Used?

Unlike old timber floors, new technology and German manufacturing means that engineered timber flooring is extremely durable and perfect for all sorts of indoor sports halls and gyms, including basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, racquet, squash, dance and yoga, as well as multipurpose arenas, community centres and village halls.

SSUK has installed engineered timber sports floors for many satisfied customers and our timber floors have been created for generations of use!

All our timber sports floor systems are German made under the DIN German Floor Standard – chosen for superior quality and technology - vorsprung durch technik!

Advantages of Timber Floors?

International Certificates
Long Life
Elastic & Strong
Clear Line Marking
Maximum Sports Comfort
Good Balance
Vertical Ball Behaviour
Water-based Coating
No Glare
Max Load-bearing Properties
Water-resistant Coating
Easy Maintenance
Excellent Colourfastness
Soundproofing Properties
Many Colours & Effects
Easy to Clean
Easy to Repair

Technical Details

SSUK Engineered Timber sports floor systems have interacting elements: The undercarriage construction, the solid engineered timber floor and the surface treatment. These factors enhance and determine the performance characteristics of the floor.

Most sports can be performed on all our SSUK timber sports systems and are suitable for high impact sports too, so we are confident that we can recommend which sports floor system will match your venue requirements.

Download the SSUK Timber Brochures

SSUK - Polysport Range P68


SSUK - Duplex VS 43 and 41


SSUK - Classic P66 and 68


- Skirting


All SSUK Timber sports floor systems are fast, easy and economical to install with the option of different floor height and can be installed on uneven subfloors. Our team of specialists can advise on what you need for your venue space.

A simple process from contact to installation with Sports Surfaces UK

January 2021 - Newly Refurbished and Repaired Floor at Castell Alun High School in Wrexham

Now is a great time to deep clean and renovate your indoor sports floor – ensuring your facility can be brought back into use both quickly and safely.

Check out this before and after shot of Castell Alun High School in Wrexham. The team replaced defective sections of the timber floor, scrubbed and applied a clear polyurethane seal and finally re-marked the netball courts.

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