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Area-elastic and Point-elastic Sports Floor Systems

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When choosing the best sports floor for your type of facility you should have a good understanding of the different flooring systems and their performance features. SSUK elastic systems for sports floors come in a variety of options, so here we outline everything you need to know about elastic surfaces and which kind will work best for your facility.

Point-elastic P1 or P2 Floor

Point-elastic is a rubber backed polyurethane foam backed vinyl synthetic surface that achieves low levels of shock absorption compared to a sprung system at the point of impact. They are best suited to low levels of multi-sport performance. Point-elastic also needs a level slab and involves a more wet installation process. This foam-backed surface is typically used in facilities that do not require high sports performance or the use of heavy equipment. It’s also not suitable for wheelchair sports.

Area-elastic A3 Floor

Area-elastic is a high density, comfort based elastic layer that provides the highest level of shock absorption and comfort for the user. The system can be packed and levelled, thus removing the need for floor levelling before installation. It also allows for underfloor heating and insulation to be incorporated between the beams. Area-elastic is the best option for multi-sports, offering high levels of performance and is suitable for wheelchair sports.


Mix-elastic floors are a combination of Area-elastic and Point-elastic surfaces. It uses a synthetic flooring surface in combination with wood subfloor features – this makes it closer to a Point-elastic system.

Combi-elastic C4 Floor

Combi-elastic systems are basically Area-elastic systems, finished with a Point Elastic foam backed surface. This system provides a slow rolling resistance and is therefore not ideal for wheelchair sports.


Benefits of Area-elastic Systems Over Point-elastic Surfaces

Area-elastic floor systems have superior shock absorption, higher sports performance and comfort compared to any point elastic flooring. Area-elastic is also more cost effective as the life-span of the flooring is typically higher compared to foam-backed floors.

Area Elastic Sports Systems are much more suitable for use in school, college and sports hall facilities when compared to a Point-elastic surface because of the higher level of shock absorption and comfort for the facility user. Most venues require surfaces that are suitable for high-performance sports and multi-use activities, so more than often we install Area-elastic systems for our clients. The Department for Education also has a specification that can call for A3 or Area Elastic Floors with their remit.

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