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Uni-Turf Embossed PVC Vinyl Sports Surfaces

Premium Indoor Sports Flooring

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What is Uni-Turf?

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Sports Surfaces UK has supplied and installed SSUK Uni-Turf flooring to both national and international major indoor cricket schools and indoor sporting arenas because of its world renowned reputation as a superior surface. SSUK Uni-Turf also complies with the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) standards.

What is SSUK Uni-Turf?

SSUK Uni-Turf is a resilient, non-reflective, tough, long-lasting and safe sports surface. It is particularly good for cricket coaching, tennis, badminton and athletics. Its anti-reflective embossed surface ensures a more positive true bounce with the added ability to take spin which makes it easy to understand why SSUK Uni-Turf is a popular choice in the punishing environment of major indoor cricket schools.

There is a tremendous amount of experience built into SSUK Uni-Turf including a world-wide knowledge of putting synthetic sports surfaces to use for widely differing activities.

Where is SSUK Uni-Turf Used?

We supply and install SSUK Uni-Turf throughout the world; working with major indoor cricket schools and international athletics arenas that have seen world record-breaking performances. It is the first choice for many prestigious worldwide indoor Cricket Schools as it not only meets EN14904 but also ECB T53 for Indoor Cricket. Here in the UK alone we have supplied and installed SSUK Uni-turf at Old Trafford, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Surrey Cricket Club, Headingley, The Oval, The Rose Bowl, Exeter Centre of Excellence and the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall – just to name but a few.

Many secondary schools love our SSUK Uni-turf because practically every indoor sport can be played on this surface. Netball, hockey, basketball and athletics, along with non-sport applications such as exams and events. Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd installations include Bodmin Tennis Centre, Cornwall and The Robin Park Sports & Tennis Centre in Wigan – both LTA Indoor Tennis venues. Indoor Athletics installations of SSUK Uni-Turf have included Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena, and Monkton Stadium, Jarrow, along with overseas installations at Ekeberghallen in Oslo.

Since its arrival in the UK in 1972, this high quality embossed vinyl sheet material has gained worldwide acceptance as an excellent surface for sports halls, cricket schools, tennis centres and athletics halls.

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Advantages of Uni-turf?

International Certificates
Long Life
Elastic & Strong
Clear Line Marking
Maximum Sports Comfort
Good Balance
Vertical Ball Behaviour
Water-based Coating
No Glare
Max Load-bearing Properties
Water-resistant Coating
Easy Maintenance
Excellent Colourfastness
Soundproofing Properties
Many Colours & Effects
Easy to Clean
Easy to Repair

Technical Details

SSUK Uni-Turf can be installed directly onto concrete or with a granular rubber under pad which meets the European Standard for sports hall floors, the EN14904 and the ECB TS3 specification for cricket as a prime sport.

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Low Maintenance

SSUK Uni-Turf is very easy to care for! It is an extremely resilient floor, resistant to damage by outdoor shoes, chair legs and bleacher wheels, plus it comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard with many of the facilities getting upwards of a 20 year lifespan from their floor.

SSUK Uni-Turf only requires a regular detergent wet wash – both the cleaning machine and detergent are supplied by ourselves. We offer a Deep Clean service to bring your floor back to its former glory.

SSUK Uni-Turf Repairs

Should your SSUK Uni-Turf sports surface get damaged or worn out (the bowlers run up for example), our trained team can simply remove and replace the old section with a new section of material within a matter of hours, minimising downtime for the use of the floor.

Additional courts using line-paint – specially developed for SSUK Uni-Turf surfaces – can also be provided by our trained installers.

Our Case Studies


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