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Exchange your old indoor sports floor for a stylish new floor in 2020!

Project details

Construction Date

January 2020 & December 2019


New installation
Multiuse Pulastic Polyurethane Vinyl Sport Floor


Pennthorpe School had a 25 year old Uni-Turf floor which had served them well, but it was definitely time for a change!

They contacted Sports Surfaces UK, and after speaking to the team and requesting a quote, the Sports Surfaces installation team installed a Pulastic Classic 110 multi-use sports floor.

Many of our UK customers choose this floor due to its hardwearing, easy to maintain, seamless polyurethane sports surface.

It’s no surprise that Worldwide, more than 35 million m² of Pulastic sports floors have been installed in over 50,000 accommodations.

Available in a massive range of colours, there is no end to the colour combinations for any sports hall, school, university, leisure centre, fitness studio, gymnasium….

Ask to see our colour charts and a sample of the floor today 

For a free quotation please call 01244 321 200