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Tormead School

Project details


Court Markings, Floor Refurbishment


Sports Hall – 33m x 18m 594sqm & Gymnasium Annex 14.6m x 14.2m 207sqm
+ a 1st Floor Gym/Fitness 126sqm

Sports Hall & adjoining Gym
Overlay existing timber sprung floor with 1.5m x 1.5m x 12mm Top System
Plywood with 2mm PE Interlayer material
Then Install Pulastic Classic 70 on Plywood Base – Steel Blue Ref 306

Upstairs Gym Fitness Suite
Remove existing carpet surface
Latex base -Installation of Pulastic 2mm floor system
Steel Blue Ref 306

Install Removable access covers

Install Pre-finished Hockey Skirting to Perimeter of Sports Hall
Hockey Skirting: 87.4 m of 100mm fixed skirting & 14.6m of portable

Court Markings- SSUK Pulastic Classic 70 – Steel Blue Ref 306
4 No – Badminton Courts: White
1 No – Basketball Court: Black
1 No – Netball Court: Red
1 No – Tennis Court: Yellow
1 No – Volleyball Court: Green
1 No – Hockey Court: Orange

NB No Drawing Available

New Sockets to be installed for Tennis, Volleyball & Drop in Netball

Posts- Sports Equipment – By SJD – Install 4 No M12 sockets for Tennis & Volley, Plus S & I Netball Drop in Posts & Sockets

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