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Pulastic Sports Flooring Cleaning Advice

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 around the world has brought hygiene practices into sharp focus.

On a personal level, we are all being much more diligent about regularly washing and sanitizing our hands.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, floor cleaning was critical for infection control. Although floors are not as high- touch as many other surfaces (door handles, light switches, etc.) contaminants in general can transfer very easily.

The fastest, most effective, and safest way to clean Pulastic floors is with a scrubber dryer. These instructions briefly review the preferred method. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the information given.

• The chance of getting infected through a floor is relatively small. The advice is to avoid ground based sports exercises as much as possible or to use mats which are easy to clean after use.
• Follow the Pulastic cleaning advice and increase the frequency of cleaning to at least once a day and preferably more often (depending on use) where possible.
• There is a preference for machine cleaning (scrubber dryer) and to increase the dosage level of the Pulastic Eco Clean product to 1:100, instead of 1:200.
• Preferably no wet mopping. If a scrubber dryer is not available, use the increased dosage of Pulastic Eco Clean and apply with a mop, after letting the product sit (do not let it dry up), soak it up with a water vacuum cleaner.
• Clean used buckets, brushes, pads and cloths after use.
• Do not use any cleaning products or methods other than recommended by Pulastic, please check the standard cleaning advice for more information.

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