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New roller skating floor at a Manor Farm in Walsall

Project details

Construction Date

Spring 2021


Pulastic Polyurethane Classic 65XLS over an existing Granwood Floor


We just love the dusty and iron grey combo on this SSUK Pulastic sports floor.

A 1206 sqm Sky Blue Pulastic 65 XLS sports floor.

An excellent multiuse floor -great for roller skating and wheelchair sports too.

Over the years the existing floor had two vinyl floors installed over the original Granwood floor – so our first BIG job was to uplift the vinyl floors to expose the original Granwood floor.

Next the team sanded and prepare the Granwood floor and applied a SSUK Pulastic 65 XLS 4 mm rubber base, followed by a strong 2.5mm polyurethane layer.

We hope Manor Farm Community Association enjoy their new 675 sqm seamless, durable and safe multiuse indoor sports floor.

SSUK Pulastic Classic 65 XLS is suitable for a variety of indoor sports and especially for roller  skating and wheelchair hockey. SSUK Pulastic Classic 65 XLS is specially designed to create a low  rolling resistance. More comfort can be added by installing the SSUK Pulastic Classic 65 XLS over a  combi-type subfloor 

SSUK Pulastic Classic 65 XLS is manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for  environmental care and ISO 26000 for corporate sustainability

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