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Installation of SSUK Pulastic flooring at the University of Wolverhampton – Walsall Campus Performance Lab

Construction Date

Summer 2024


SSUK Pulastic at the University of Wolverhampton - Walsall Campus Performance Lab



Seddon Construction contacted Sports Surfaces UK as they had a specialist indoor flooring project to undertake at University of Wolverhampton’s Walsall Campus Performance Lab,  a cutting-edge facility dedicated to athlete performance testing.

The lab required a precise and reliable flooring solution to ensure accurate measurements from the force plates embedded in the floor. The force plates are essential tools in sports science, used to measure various parameters such as force, power, and balance during athletic activities.


  1. Specialised Requirements: The flooring needed to support and integrate specialised force plates without affecting their sensitivity and accuracy.
  2. Short Deadline: The project had a tight timeline, necessitating swift and efficient installation to meet the university’s schedule.


SSUK Pulastic, a high-performance sports flooring solution known for its durability and precision. Pulastic flooring is designed to offer a seamless surface.


  1. Consultation and Planning: Sports Surfaces UK conducted a thorough consultation to understand the specific requirements and constraints of the project.
  2. Expert Installation Team: A specialised installation team was assembled to ensure precision and adherence to the tight schedule.
  3. Quality Control: Rigorous quality control measures were implemented to guarantee that the flooring met the required standards for athlete performance testing.

Client Feedback

The University of Wolverhampton expressed their satisfaction with the project, highlighting the effective advice and efficient execution by the whole Sports Surfaces UK team.

This case study exemplifies Sports Surfaces UK commitment to delivering specialised flooring solutions under challenging conditions, ensuring high standards of precision and client satisfaction.

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