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A New Uni-Turf Indoor Cricket Hall for The Kings School Macclesfield

Project details

Construction Date

April 2020


New Uni-Turf Cricket Sports Floor for The King School, Macclesfield


In April 2020 our experienced team installed 481 sqm of Uni-Turf, creating an impressive brand  new cricket hall for pupils at The Kings School in Macclesfield.

Installed during the lockdown and adhering to strict social distancing measures, individual members of the team installed 6mm of UNI-TURF – including premium bowlers shock pads under the Uni-turf ,benefiting the ‘Professional fast bowler’.

In addition 12mm Premeplay was installed covering the bowler’s delivery area and textile seam and rubber spin pads were also used to create two 176 sqm seam lanes and one 71 sqm spin lane.

Finally 8 white crease markings were painted in compatible Polyurethane paint.

The new floor forms part of the new campus and is one of three new indoor sports floor installations.

Once lockdown is over, we hope the students love their new floor as much as we do and we wish them every success with their sporting future.

For further details on our SSUK Uni-Turf floors, please visit our website. 

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