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A new studio floor for Helsby High School

Project details

Construction Date

Spring 2023


Replacing an older water damaged timber floor that needed to come out with a SUK Pulastic Sports Floor


Sports Surfaces UK overlaid the main sports hall old granwood floor at Helsby in 2017 and were invited back in 2023 to install a new Pulastic multiuse polyurethane new studio floor. 

Unfortunately the old timber studio floor was water damaged and needed to come out, so this time the school opted for an award-winning multi-purpose, seamless polyurethane, area elastic Pulastic Elite Comfort  sports surface. 

Check out the images below which show the installation process from start to finish:

  • Old water damaged, buckling timber floor 
  • Removal of play equipment 
  • Timber floor removal 
  • Timber floor removal 
  • Installing boards
  • Boards installed and sanded
  • Sealer layer, the first liquid layer to go on the boards 
  • Polyurethane top coat
  • Floor completed with skirting boards and line court marking 

We hope the school love their new floor and look forward to working with them again in the future to maintain  and clean their new floor.

For a free quotation please call 01244 321 200