Our Floors

Encourage your school, local community, employees or clients to get active and enjoy sports with high-quality flooring that’s both attractive, injury-proof and easy to maintain. Whether you’re seeking an upgrade for a sports centre, a multipurpose floor for a school or are developing a new fitness facility, we’re here to help.


If your facility needs to be a badminton court one day and an exam hall the next, we’ve got it covered. Our premium indoor sports floors are versatile, safe and durable to suit whatever event comes next in your calendar.

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Cricket, tennis & athletics

For cricket, tennis and athletics we’ve got the ideal indoor sports floor for the job. Our range of premium synthetic surfaces are vibrant, safe, durable, and are used worldwide in cricket, tennis and athletics facilities.

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Heavy weightlifting requires an indoor sports surface that can inspire and support an athlete while also protecting the subfloor. Our specialist gym flooring has the resilience to do both, and can withstand hefty falling objects, from dumbbells to kettlebells.

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