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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

At Sports Surfaces UK we understand there are lots of potential changes to our daily lives with the current Coronavirus situation.

As with construction work, the message from the Government is that, for now – and as long as social distancing regulations are adhered to and due regard for health and safety is followed – essential maintenance work at sports and play facilities can still be carried out. Indeed, it is important that facilities should not be allowed to deteriorate, and that it will be possible to bring them back into use quickly and safely when the time comes.

Please see also see the Sports and Play Construction Association website for further information.

Please be reassured that Sports Surfaces UK factories are still producing sports floors and our transport providers are still running in order to get materials onto site as planned.  Also, as a company we can confirm we have had no instances of Coronavirus, meaning if there is access to site, we are still able to install our indoor sports floors as planned. In addition to this, we are also considering bringing installations forward to support our customers during any downtime.

For further information please speak to the team on 01244 321200

Further information relating to COVID-19

What are Sports Surfaces UK doing to minimize the  COVID-19 infection risk?

All employees have been asked to follow the instructions below: –

  1. At the start of each installation/ maintenance project employees ask your permission to use school facilities to wash their hands for the recommended period.
  2. Refrain politely from shaking hands with anyone they meet.
  3. Try to keep a distance of 1m or if the situation permits, 2m from people they meet especially if they or the other person are coughing or sneezing.
  4. Carry tissues if they have a cold and ‘catch it and bin it’.
  5. If they start to suffer symptoms that are consistent with Coronavirus, to take their temperature, leave site and advise our HR of their concerns.

What will our office staff do to minimize the infection risk?

  1. We will try to monitor all schools that announce individual closures for installation and maintenance projects, and track these against the inspection schedules to check whether our staff have entered any schools during the time that the school suffered an infection risk. If they have, we will ask the individual concerned to monitor their temperature daily and be aware of any symptoms. Then if they suffer any symptoms self-isolate and call our HR department.

What can our partners do to help reduce the infection risk?

  1. Please advise us if you have closed your school within 14 days of one of our staff visits and please advise us if it is probable that our staff member has met the infected individual then we will ensure our staff take the government recommended action at the time.
  2. Please advise us immediately if you are closing your school or your school is part of a regional closure demand.

Please use the email to advise us of anything related to Coronavirus at your school.

Opportunity to deep clean and maintain your indoor sports floor whilst minimising school disruption

If the school is empty of pupils but you have staff working from the school site, please take advantage of the opportunity to have your floor maintained (including the removal of dirt and grime and carrying out repairs to any minor damage) whilst there are no pupils. This will also keep your school’s floor clean and up to date with its health and safety checks. Please go to our maintain and refurbish pages for further information.

To arrange your indoor sports surface maintenance and refurbishment please:

  1. Contact us for a FREE quote.
  2. If you can approve any quotes asap, we will do our best to complete these during any ‘downtime’ the school may have.
  3. We would love to hear from you!

Finally, please note we are monitoring government advice on a daily basis and will continue to update this page and act accordingly should the guidelines change.

For a free quotation please call 01244 321 200