conocer chicos por telefono Sports Surfaces (UK) Ltd have a wealth of experience working on a multitude of different types of refurbishment projects. We are happy to advise you throughout your project. We work on New Build installations but often work on refurbishments direct for the client.

get link Each project is different and we tailor to each customer’s needs. Some examples of the types of refurbishments we have worked on are:

  • We have recently installed a high end tongue & groove board over an existing timber surface then overlaid this with SSUK Pulastic – giving a modern, state of the art, fully sprung, floating system whilst reducing down time & strip out costs.
  • In 2010 FIBA implemented a rule change meaning many facilities have out of date Basketball markings.  We simply remove the old basketball markings and install new FIBA standard markings.
  • We have over-laid our SSUK Pulastic seamless polyurethane over a tired old Granwood floor – eliminating strip-out costs.  This has been a successful refurbishment method we have been undertaking for over 20 years.
  • We have “boarded out” an existing timber surface then installed our Uni-Turf surface – this not only reduced waste and strip-out costs but it meant the finished floor height was not significantly affected which can happen when a timber floor is replaced.
  • When the time comes, existing users of SSUK Pulastic may decide to go for a Facelift (FL) of their SSUK Pulastic floor – this is a fresh top polyurethane layer and new court marking, reusing the rubber base mat and giving the floor a new lease of life for half the cost of a strip out and new floor.
  • We offer a full Mechanical Deep Clean service which can bring a dirty floor back to “as good as new” removing all the ground in dirt and grease that can build up on a sports floor.