What is Gerflor?

Gerflor’s Taraflex Multi-use and Sport M Sport vinyl are available in a complete range of P1/P2 and P3 products as a solution for all uses

Gerflor is a sheet vinyl that is available in a variety of colours offering protection, safety and a long lasting lifetime for its users.

Low Maintenance

Gerflor Taraflex requires a regular detergent wet wash – both the cleaning machine and detergent are supplied by ourselves.  

Gerflor Refurbishment

We offer full refurbishment packages which could mean an installation over an existing surface plus strip out of an existing system and install of the new surface.

Gerflor have specialised in vinyl sports flooring since 1947 with the brand Taraflex®, a worldwide leading brand of indoor sport floor.

Our expertise and our experience is reflected in our wide and quality sports floor ranges. We work on innovation and we offer products that fit numerous sports usages amongst a large number of colours. While maintaining the technical performance and the design aspect of our products, we eco-design our ranges with the environment in mind as well as the health and well-being of our users.

The Taraflex® name is well renowned in the industry and has been the no.1 solution for over 60 years. It has been selected for 10 Olympic Games and chosen by leading sports events organisers and national governing bodies. They put their faith in Taraflex® sports flooring because it offers the highest levels of performance, comfort and safety.

Please contact us if you require any samples, brochures or have any questions of a technical nature.