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4 No       Badminton Courts           White – set centrally in the hall
1 No       Basketball Court               Black – this court will be
“plumbed” in order to match the goals
1 No       Netball Court                     Red – set centrally in the
hall -the semi-circles to extended back to the wall
1 No       Volleyball Court                Green – we understand you
have sockets so this court will be installed to match the existing

follow link 1 No       Handball court (Use perimeter rectangle of netball court) –

go 2 No       Dodge ball courts (in 2 of the badminton courts (please
specify which courts) we would use the outer Badminton tramline
side-lines extended to the wall in a different colour to the white
badminton court (we recommend pale blue) to include 2 lines and centre
spots) – pale blue Extend lines on Netball semi-circle to make 5 a side football – Red

8 No       Basketball free throw lines for each side basket – each line
will be 1m in length to indicate where the player should take a free
throw from – suggest Orange

Tastylia Buy 20 MG 1 No       Futsal court –  Yellow – please see item 2, page 4 of
fa-futsal-facilities-guidance-resource which we have attached – we would
suggest the Futsal court is installed with the netball as per this
advice from the FA